Event / Mobile Bar

From sporting events, festivals, or shows we have the perfect bar solution for your event and with our 20 years of experience we will be happy to advise you on your requirements.

Event Bar

As the Industry leader for outdoor bar services in Northern Ireland we have provided bar services to a range of events throughout the country. With a number of hire options available we strive to ensure you maximise revenue potential, give customers the best experience at your venue and ensure staff have a comfortable working environment. The Event bar or Mobile Bar can be used as a stand alone bar at your event or act as an overflow bar for your existing venue.

Mobile Bar

The Mobile Bar is the ideal “open and serve” option, fully equipped with draught beer system, keg storage, refrigeration, TV & Sound system and hot/cold water this provides an a fully functioning bar in minutes and can be used for almost any event from weddings, shows or corporate events.

The mobile bar unit can be built inside standard marquees to provide customers with comfortable surroundings whilst at your event.